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Bugatti Veyron exclusive

Bugatti Veyron exclusive

Buyers of Bugatti's 1million Veyron get their car signed off in style -- and we join the team that adds the finishing touches... It's the world's most amazing supercar -- and has a sign-off to match! The Bugatti Veyron carries a price tag in excess of 800,000, has a 253mph top speed and tears up the rule book in every way -- which includes the strategy to delivering models to fortunate buyers. Each Veyron that rolls off the production line undergoes a unique 350-mile workout, at the hands of Bugatti's most seasoned test drivers. And in a world exclusive, Auto Express joined the company to figure out just how far the business is prepared to go in the pursuit of perfection.WATCH EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF OUR VEYRON TEST DRIVE ENCOUNTER HEREUnlike mass-produced versions such as the VW Golf and Ford Focus -- which are pieced together by machines and robots -- every single Veyron is painstakingly assembled by hand. While this means it can be completed to some higher standard, additionally, it allows scope for human error. That's why a hand-built hypercar needs a little more fine tuning. Bugatti's policy states that customers ought to have the ability to jump in their new purchase and utilize it instantly to its total 253mph potential. And that's exactly what some owners do, particularly in the Middle East. So, the test drive isn't only to ensure quality levels are up to scratch; it is also needed for security reasons. For our run, there couldn't be two more competent people at the wheel. Piloting the red-and-white car was Steve Jenny -- Bugatti's number one test driver, who has racked up 100,000 miles behind the wheel of the Veyron. Steering the jetblack Grand Sport convertible was Oliver Cramm, head of quality management. These two guys take their jobs extremely seriously -- that is hardly surprising if you think about the calibre of customer they're coping with. The fixed roof Veyron is destined for a wealthy sheikh in Dubai, while the drop top has been purchased with a Swiss collector, who's already the proud owner of five black models. After leaving Bugatti's ultra modern home in Molsheim, north east France, the cars are fitted using a group of test wheels and the bodywork covered in a transparent plastic wrap, to prevent rock chips. The interior is also protected to make sure it stays immaculately clean. (Auto Catch)The motorist has to wear gloves whilst to not make prints, and confirm the owner is the sole one who truly touches the car. Normally, it is at this point that Jenny and Cramm head for the nearby Vogesen mountain roads to set the first 200 miles about the Veyron's odometer. Nevertheless, heavy snow forced our inaugural journey to differ. Both cars were loaded on to a trailer and taken to Avignon, in the south of France, for their shakedown. The road route is split into two parts. The first 200 miles confirm if there are any faults or parts of the car in need of alteration; the second section of around 150 miles was created to check that any changes happen to be successful. In the event you had been wondering, customers are pre-warned that their car will be delivered 'road-prepared', having several miles on New Honda Civic Type R 2015 review . They are still given a letter of invitation to accompany their purchase on its test drive. The procedure starts using a static test of the electronics -- such as the indicators and windscreen wipers. The car's 'passport' -- a sheet of paper with the facts and features particular to that model -- needs to be ticked off, too. These types of checks are performed via a hand-held device that communicates with the car's systems. Actually, this technology is so advanced that even after the customer has taken delivery, Bugatti engineers can diagnose problems and make little alterations to the Veyron from anywhere in the world. Eventually, it's time to fire up the quad-turbo 987bhp 8.0-litre W16 engine and hit the road. After on the move, the test drivers check for wind noise, open and close the doors and pull the handbrake to scrutinize the warning gauges. Afterward it's the turn of the audio system. Jenny listens to Kia Venga review , then rock and finally rap, checking for any vibrations or quality asymmetry. The second section of the examination sees the Veyron's performance put to the test. The venue is the runway at Avignon airport, but the test drivers don't have the tarmac to themselves. A flow of planes means they must time their runs to perfection. Hastening from 0-124mph and back to your standstill again 10 times uses the necessary strain on the ceramic brakes, engine and seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox. To validate the operation is suitably impressive, the motorists consistently hit in excess of 190mph before running out of runway. Amazingly, the sole faults discovered were some noises from the roof trim and a marginally counter steering wheel in the crimson-and-white auto -- both readily curable. Back at the factory, the Veyrons are stripped of the test wheels. Incredibly, each set prices around 45,000, and can only be used for three or four sessions. The Bugattis are subsequently fitted with new alloys and tyres. Finally, any minor damage is repaired, road grime removed and the customer handed their completely scrutinized new car. Sadly, it is as much driving as some Veyrons will see -- one in four versions will spend its life in a museum! Buying a Bugatti - a lesson in exclusivitySo you've got a million pounds to spend on a supercar -- but how do you go about putting a Bugatti in your drive? Initial step is to regiser your interest either having a licensed dealer such as H.R. Owen or go directly to Bugatti itself. Next you put down one third of the cost as a deposit -- around 270,000 for the coupe and 360,000 for the Grand Sport. Another third is payable once the car goes into production and the final third is due on delivery. But before then, a visit to the factory in Molsheim is a must to decide on from the myriad colours and trims avaiable in the special setup novel. To ensure every customer gets the most out of their purchase, they are encouraged to join Bugatti's 'pilot officiel' Pierre Henri Raphanel on an extensive drive in a Veyron, where he describes what makes it so special. From deposit to delivery, the delay is generally around eight to ten months. But the service does not stop there. Bugatti's after sales team is available seven days per week, twenty-four hours a day and will diagnose what's wrong with your auto wirelessly from any place on the planet.